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 Warehouse space  from 100m² upto 22500m²







Storage Rent Belgium rents out multifunctional warehouses, suitable for many purposes. Many of our clients are active in the automotive sector, but Storage Rent Belgium also rents out warehouses for storage of different supplies of stocks to both local and international companies.

The sizes of the different warehouses vary from 100 square metres to 22500 square meters.  Our warehouses provide clean dry and safe storage of your goods. A number of our buildings are provided with dock shelters which makes our buildings even more accessible. Ample parking space is also available.

Some of the warehouses are still under construction; this means that we still can  take your needs into consideration. We can also inform you about all kinds of security issues such as fire and burglar alarms, there is also the possibility to provide extra office or clean/hygienic units. 

If you would like more information or have any questions, please feel free to contact us.